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Post: Lost Cockatiel

Posted by Judy on 8/26/10

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    Grey and White Speckled Cockatiel with some yellow in her
    body feathers and tail feathers, a yellowish head and orange
    cheeks escaped from home and is lost in the area of Lake
    Shore Avenue and Greenleaf in Grand Haven Township on July
    24, 2010. She remained in our trees until late July 25,
    2010 and has not been heard since.

    Her name is Faxie. She is very sweet, very tame,
    people-oriented, and spoiled! If anyone has any information
    about her whereabouts please call or e-mail us right away.
    We are sick about losing her.

    Thank you very much.

    Home: 616-846-6514
    Judyís Cell: 616-485-8832
    Tedís Cell: 616-402-9955
    E-mail address:

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