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Post: mollucan cockatoo

Posted by wingsothunder on 9/22/10

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    We're looking for an older Mollucan cockatoo hen, We took
    an older, x breeder hen from a bad situation, and have
    given her, her own climbing tree without male
    interruption, she no longer wants to breed, but being wild
    caught, and badly used for breeding, she's fond of her own
    kind for companionship. we would like to find another
    older, non breeding hen for her to bond with. we have no
    intentions of selling or giving away any birds, we have
    been bird rescue for our county in CA for several years,
    and keep the birds we get for their lifetimes, or ours.
    most of our birds are handlable, but our Rosie, M2 is
    afraid of being touched by humans, so we would like to
    give her the gift of another lovely older hen as a
    companion. we feel she would enjoy this and they could
    bond. if not, we'll still care for another hen.

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