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Post: Best feather plucking relief?

Posted by EK on 9/26/10

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    So, I used to post here many many years ago, and I need
    some help again. I currently have an 8 year old White
    Capped Pionus, named Snowcap (I know, original). Recently
    she's be plucking under her wings and a bit on her chest.
    She's never been a plucker, and I'm not sure what's going
    on. My mother suggested that she may be molting with the
    seasons, as my dogs are currently blowing their coats. She
    hasn't done this before, but could this be a possibility?
    Her back and wing feathers look fine, bright and shiny, but
    her chest and under wings could definitely be better.
    There's no skin exposure, but her 'under feathers' are
    either falling or being plucked out. Any insight would be
    great. Thank you!!!

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