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Post: Feather plucking, for EK

Posted by Greylady on 9/27/10

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    I don't know what is the matter with the board. It won't
    give the block for a response. So I'll just make a new
    post. If she were mine, I'd get her vet checked first
    thing. There are several health and/or dietary issues that
    can cause this. Just one of the health issues is Giardia.
    It makes them very itchy, especially under the wings. A
    simple test of one of her stool samples is all that is
    needed to diagnose that or any of several other
    possibilities. I'd get an appointment set up right away.
    You definitely don't want her to do it for long enough that
    it becomes a habit, no matter the root cause. So, in the
    meantime, be sure she is getting plenty of baths where she
    gets soaked all the way to the skin. You can put 100% aloe
    juice in her bath water. Get it straight from the plant,
    not an over the counter product that just has aloe added.
    That could be toxic. Also be sure she is drying naturally,
    not with a hair dryer. That should help her be a bit more
    comfortable until you find the cause and maybe she will
    pluck less.

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