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Post: Cape or Jardine - which is better for us?

Posted by Makala n family on 10/06/10

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    Hi, we have several years in as owning parrots. At this
    time we have a macaw, caique & a quaker. In a couple
    months were going to add 1 of 3 types, I was wondering if
    anyone could advise me more on the cape & jardine. Ive
    meet both but have never had the time to chat with there

    What were looking for is personality, spice, spunky,
    bratty, talking isnt important, we just want a "funny"
    clown. Our caique is FAR from any of that LoL, our Macaw
    is just full of herself & our quaker is a talking/singing

    So, what would be better if you were to choose - Cape,
    Jardine? Im also considering another macaw hybrid.

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