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Re: Rainbow Lory

Posted by Karen on 4/14/11
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    On 11/28/10, Shawna wrote:
    > What is the best type/brand of Rainbow Lory food out there?

    Hi Shawna, If you're still looking for a great brand for
    lory's I recommend looking at Dick Schroeder's web site, Avico
    Cuttlebone Plus.
    Mango was my first bird a female red lory and a complete
    rescue-save situation. Her color and overall health became
    amazing. Twice a day her juice was replaced, fresh fruit
    supplemented her diet every day. Apple, banana, mango,
    pomegranate, wheels of corn-on-the-cob (a total favorite),
    watermelon...whatever was on hand for the family made it easy
    to cut up some for the bird. I kept a basic stash in a ziploc
    in the refrigerator for convenience. The juice was made fresh
    with each feeding.
    I used Dick's formula of Lory Life for over 7 years. Just
    order it online. The larger 10 or 20 lb bags I would break
    down into 1 gal freezer ziplocks and freeze the powder to keep
    fresh. Once you get into the feeding routine it's a snap.
    Freshness is the key to keeping your lory healthy.
    Mango passed due to complications of egg-binding. I miss her
    terribly and the routine she took me through each day.

    Cuttlebone Plus