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Re: need info on caique parrots and goffin cockatoo

Posted by Beth Weisleder on 6/16/11
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    On 1/18/11, Rebecca wrote:
    > Hi. I was wanting some info of goffin cockatoos and
    > caique parrots as pets. Years ago I had a moluccan
    > cockatoo and was thinking of getting another but the time
    > constrants of a mother of three don't really allow me that
    > much time. Someone suggested I look into a goffins
    > because they are more independant. She also suggested a
    > caique. I do stay at home so I do have time for a bird.
    > I'm just not sure of these birds quailities and behavior.
    > If anyone has either of these birds and can give me some
    > info. I would really appreciate it. Please email me at
    > Thanks.
    I have 2 Caiques - 1 male & 1 female - age 3 & unrelated.
    They were 3 yrs.old in January & I am considering giving
    them a nest box.I am a live-in caregiver so I am gone 4 days
    a week. My Caiques do well because they have water bottles &
    of course, I leave plenty of food. So - YES, they are
    independant. Not sure they would do well w/o a partner
    though.They are inseparable. It is so sweet when they sit
    side by side on a perch. They hold claws & balance with
    their outer claws on perch. They are SO comical to watch.
    Caiques are called the 'clowns' of the parrot world - for a
    good reason ! Very busy, energetic, athletic,etc. But they
    eat a LOT & are messy. My Amazon is 19 & I've been owned by
    her for 18 yrs. She is very verbal. My little Caiques don't
    talk - they only mimic sounds - like the microwave noise.
    All cockatoos are loving & needy. So it depends on what you
    are looking for really. ALL parrots have seperate
    personalities so I hate to generalize.