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Re: Blind bird/ setting up a cage for...?

Posted by GreyLady on 5/04/11
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    On 4/30/11, carmen stuart / Dawsonville, Ga. wrote:
    > I have a blind baby Indian Ring Neck parakeet baby and want
    > suggestions on dealing with this as it matures and how to
    > set up a suitable blind-friendly cage. Also suggestions on
    > weaning this baby. This is a first in dealing with such a
    > problem and I'm clueless.

    There should be no real difference between weaning this baby
    and one that is sighted. Other than helping guide him to the
    food source, it should be the same process. As for his cage,
    of prime importance is to think through exactly how you are
    going to arrange everything inside, then don't ever change
    the placement of anything. I would mount a couple different
    kinds of perches, very low to the floor. You can hang toys
    from the side walls or on very long hangars from the top but
    don't have them out in the middle as he may not be able to
    judge how far he is from them. A soft toy near the middle,
    that will not hurt him if he bumps into it, can be a
    useful "guidepost". Of course food and water must always be
    in the same location. At first you will have to gently guide
    him towards them. But if they are always exactly where he
    expects them to be, you will be amazed and how well he will
    learn his way around the cage and be able to find
    everything. As he memorizes it, everything in the cage will
    be his signal for which way he needs to go to locate
    something else.