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Re: macaw hand feeding

Posted by GreyLady on 5/11/11
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    On 5/05/11, joe wrote:
    > im haveing problme with my macaw beek is starting to grow
    > on a salnd fron syringe feeding its 7 weeks old how di
    > correct it now ?

    I would stop using a syringe immediately. Heat and curve a
    plastic picnic spoon and let him eat out of it and start
    offering food in a shallow saucer. As for the beak itself,
    you cannot do anything. You must consult with a good Avian
    vet right away while it's in the early stages. They will
    know what to do and how to do it if any corrective measures
    are needed at this point. Depending on how far out of line
    it is, it may right itself but don't put off the
    consultation, hoping for the best. It will affect him the
    rest of his life if something needs to be done now and isn't.