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Re: Shipping

Posted by Jennifer on 7/12/11
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    I've never heard of UPS shipping birds. I always went through
    Continental for my shipping but most of the major airlines do
    ship animals. You're best bet is to call them individually
    and get pricing and requirements. Some require a health cert.
    from your vet, some don't. As far as the person receiving,
    chances are that you don't know anything about them, so get
    the money first before you even make any shipping arrangements
    and when they get to the airport, they'll pick up the carrier
    in the luggage receiving area. When you call they'll give you
    all the details. They have 1-800 numbers, go online and
    google the airlines that fly into your airport or the large
    airport near you and you'll fine the numbers. Hope this helps.


    On 7/10/11, CLW wrote:
    > Can someone tell me about shipping birds? What it
    > involves as the sender? How do I know the person I am
    > sending the bird to is honest? Like does this person have
    > to sign something? Anything at all that I need to know
    > would be of great help. Oh, and are the airlines the only
    > shipping avenue? Someone told my the USPS ships
    > birds....weird. If you can give me info, THANK YOU!