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Re: Shipping

Posted by CW on 7/12/11
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    thanks Jenn.....What do I need to do to get a health
    certificate? The price is adding up for the person that wants
    the bird.

    On 7/12/11, Jennifer wrote:
    > I've never heard of UPS shipping birds. I always went
    > Continental for my shipping but most of the major airlines do
    > ship animals. You're best bet is to call them individually
    > and get pricing and requirements. Some require a health
    > from your vet, some don't. As far as the person receiving,
    > chances are that you don't know anything about them, so get
    > the money first before you even make any shipping
    > and when they get to the airport, they'll pick up the carrier
    > in the luggage receiving area. When you call they'll give
    > all the details. They have 1-800 numbers, go online and
    > google the airlines that fly into your airport or the large
    > airport near you and you'll fine the numbers. Hope this
    > Jenn
    > On 7/10/11, CLW wrote:
    >> Can someone tell me about shipping birds? What it
    >> involves as the sender? How do I know the person I am
    >> sending the bird to is honest? Like does this person have
    >> to sign something? Anything at all that I need to know
    >> would be of great help. Oh, and are the airlines the only
    >> shipping avenue? Someone told my the USPS ships
    >> birds....weird. If you can give me info, THANK YOU!