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Re: Parrot bird at my backyard feeder- help!

Posted by Angela on 9/09/11
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    On 9/09/11, Angela wrote:
    > Hello~ I live in NE Arkansas. A beautiful parrot-like bird
    > has either escaped or has been let go, and has found its way
    > to my back yard bird feeder. It won't let me near it, and
    > I'm concerned it won't survive the winter. :( Also, can
    > anyone help me identify it?
    > It is mostly green with some yellow. It has a dark brown
    > head, bright white rings around the eyes, bright red beak,
    > and I'd say it's about the size of a wild bird called a
    > rose-breasted grosbeak. I thought it might be a hanging
    > parrot because it was hanging upside down from a power line
    > above before flying down to the ground to feed. I've
    > searched the internet with no luck of an I.D.
    > Thanks in advance~