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Re: Parrot bird at my backyard feeder- help!

Posted by GreyLady on 9/11/11
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    On 9/09/11, Angela wrote:
    > Hello~ I live in NE Arkansas. A beautiful parrot-like bird
    > has either escaped or has been let go, and has found its way
    > to my back yard bird feeder. It won't let me near it, and
    > I'm concerned it won't survive the winter. :( Also, can
    > anyone help me identify it?
    > It is mostly green with some yellow. It has a dark brown
    > head, bright white rings around the eyes, bright red beak,
    > and I'd say it's about the size of a wild bird called a
    > rose-breasted grosbeak. I thought it might be a hanging
    > parrot because it was hanging upside down from a power line
    > above before flying down to the ground to feed. I've
    > searched the internet with no luck of an I.D.
    > Thanks in advance~

    Unfortunately, the description you give doesn't sound like
    only one parrot. Some of it, like the white rings, would fit
    some of the Conures. Especially the Green Cheek or the
    Patagonia. But being mostly green with some yellow, sounds
    like some of the Amazons, although they are usually some
    larger than you describe. The bright red beak sounds like a
    Ring Necked Parakeet, or an Alexandrine. You can try looking
    at pictures of all those to see if any seem to fit what you
    saw. Any parrot might hang upside down for a variety of
    reasons so that part doesn't tie it down either. Your best
    bet is to watch the lost ads in the paper, look for flyers
    the owner may have posted and contact local vets to see if
    they have had an owner contact them because of a lost bird.
    If you cannot capture or get near it, about all you can do is
    hope to locate someone who is looking for it, tell them where
    you last saw it and hope they can coax it down, if it can be
    spotted again. The problem is, when a parrot escapes,
    usually the great outdoors is so alien to them, even the
    owners can find it very difficult to get them. Good luck to