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Re: has anyone bought birds from AVIANMUTATIONSINC/FLA

Posted by GreyLady on 9/28/11
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    On 9/27/11, tony wrote:
    > hi,
    > has anyone bought any birds from AVIANMUTATIONSINC/FLA? i
    > am looking at buying from him, but want to make sure he is
    > not a scammer first..
    > thanks
    I also meant to suggest, even if you are not local, he
    doesn't know that. Contact him, pretend you are local, ask
    if you can come visit the birds in person. Any reputable
    breeder will have no problem with that. If he hedges or is
    hesitant at all, run the other way. Too many cruel, nasty
    bird mills, especially in Florida, hide behind anonymity and
    hoping you will agree to a shipped bird so that you know
    nothing about it nor the circumstances under which it was