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Post: Pair of Solomon Eclectus Parrots - S. Florida

Posted by Cheryl Naylor on 10/11/11

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    I find myself in the situation where 6 parrots are taking
    up a lot of my time to care for as I get older. I am not
    desperate to sell them, however, for everyone's best
    interest I'd lik to sell my pair.

    If you view my website you will see pictures of Elvis and

    I want these birds together if at all possible as they
    reside together, have laid eggs together although they
    have not produced any babies yet.

    Elvis is friendly as a pet toward anyone. Priscilla is
    very timid and always has been, and seems afraid of men,
    and has been since I brought her home. She lived with a
    woman prior to me, and although she has let my boyfriend
    hold her once, she really does not prefer men.

    I am looking for $1500.00 for the pair. I may negotiate
    but it depends on a lot of factors.

    I am looking to sell Local to Florida.

    Please no scame. Email me for more information.

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