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Post: 2 yr old Blue Front Amazon

Posted by Cheryl on 10/11/11

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    I find myself in the situation where 6 parrots are taking
    up a lot of my time to care for as I get older. I am not
    desperate to sell them, however, for everyone's best
    interest I'd like to sell my blue front. I also have
    another add for my bonded pair of Eclectus.

    I want the bird to go to a very good home.

    Starr so far only likes me. She prefers woman but a very
    experienced bird person could bring out her fun side. She
    talks inssently and does yell at the other birds when they
    yell, and calls the dog, sings, etc. She'd be better off
    in a home with other birds, but an only Amazon. She
    doesn't like my male DYH and he doesn't like her.
    Although the DYH taught her all the things she says.

    This bird is 2 years old and has a long life ahead of her
    and I prefer she be a pet to someone with time and
    patience. I am looking to sell Local to Florida. She
    came from a very good breeder in Sarasota.

    Please no scams. Email me for more information.

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