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Re: what type of bird is this

Posted by GreyLady on 11/19/11
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    On 11/04/11, Natalie wrote:
    > My bf bought me this bird for $25 from a lady who didn't
    > want it... Just wondering what type it is. Thank you.

    The picture didn't post. Can you try again or put it on a
    photo site with a link. Or, give as detailed a description
    as possible including approximate size. Compare it to
    something like a Robin or some other bird so we will know the
    size. Tell any and all colors on it, where are those colors,
    what color beak, every detail you can see on the bird. No
    guarantee we can tell you but might at least be able to get
    close. It's very important that you know what it is so you
    know proper diet, etc.