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Post: African grey wanted near Charlotte NC

Posted by Leigh on 11/18/11

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    Hello, my family and I are looking for a new addition to
    our family. We are a small family of dog and horse
    trainers, so we would love a bird that likes to learn. I
    will be feeding fresh nuts, fruits and veggies. We are
    hoping to adopt with little or no fee. Your welcome to
    visit our home and meet our other animals. Three horses and
    6 dogs. Our dogs are used for drug detection, search and
    rescue, tracking, protection and show. Two horses live here
    . The third is a rescue wild mustang that I am taming so he
    can be adopted. We only rescue wild horses. No other animal
    will be indoors. I stay at home to work with our animals.
    They all get lots of love daily! I will have 3 hours plus
    daily to spend with him/her.

    Please ask me anything you like. Id be happy to share
    pictures of us and home.

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