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Re: Scammer from Colorado is here again! Be careful!!

Posted by GreyLady on 12/27/11
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    On 12/26/11, linanick wrote:
    > "1 pr macaws, greenwing hen harlequin mail, laid clear,
    > good feather, hen sits for duration. $1000 pr..... "
    > This add was posted by Shawn Rapley from Rocky Mountains
    > Bird farm in Colorado. This is a fake. They are not a
    > pair. This kind of hybrid never vill breed. You'll loos
    > your money. This guy is scammer. He advertises some birds,
    > but if you pay him - he sends completely different but
    > looks like. He could send you very old or sick birds and
    > you never get your money back. He was kicked out from
    > Hubley and other classified, but he is here again.
    > He set me up more then a $1000 this year. I wrote already
    > about him. If you interesting I'll sell you all our
    > correspondence - the story how I bought birds from him.

    I can't imagine why anyone would ever buy off the internet in
    this type of "blind" situation anyway. No matter what the
    product. If not for what it does to the innocent birds
    involved, I'd have to say good enough, serves them right.
    Anyone stupid enough to send money in these situations
    deserves what they get. One would think there has already
    been enough internet scamming proven to convince folks this
    is not the way to buy something, especially a living creature.