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Re: for greylady

Posted by GreyLady on 12/27/11
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    On 12/27/11, former poster wrote:
    >> I can't imagine why anyone would ever buy off the internet in
    >> this type of "blind" situation anyway. No matter what the
    >> product. If not for what it does to the innocent birds
    >> involved, I'd have to say good enough, serves them right.
    >> Anyone stupid enough to send money in these situations
    >> deserves what they get. One would think there has already
    >> been enough internet scamming proven to convince folks this
    >> is not the way to buy something, especially a living creature.
    > I've been off of this forum for years. Decided to have a look
    > tonight and was very disappointed to see that you're still
    > posting. Actually, I thought someone would have done you in by
    > now, GreyLady.
    > Still the same, old, nasty person you were years ago.
    > You do remember when this board was a happening place before
    > destroyed it?

    Aw, does wittle Davey Poo have his wittle feelings hurt again
    cause nobody wants him on their board and won't let him be a
    moderator? At least have the balls to post with your known
    name. You are just a buzzing little gnat that shows up from time
    to time.