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Re: Colorado Breeder

Posted by Lina on 1/18/12
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    On 1/05/12, Rocky Mtn. Bird Farm wrote:
    > Wow, if I were truly a scammer, why do I keep getting
    > great reviews by other people? Why have I always had my
    > breeders license renewed year after year? Why has there
    > never been a problem with my random state inspections?
    > Why does someone who sold birds they got from me at a
    > profit, had another die and no necropsy done, have
    > anything valid to say? My business keeps growing, people
    > that deal with me know the truth. I do most of my
    > business from word of mouth referrals. Keep trash
    > talking, maybe you will feel better.
    You are trully a scammer. Sure! If you stolen money from 100
    people and didn't do it from ten, those ten can think you
    are a honest person. But even if you stolen money from only
    one single person - you are a theaf and crook. It's very
    I'll try to disclose your real personality as wide as
    possible using a "word of mouth referrals" and Internet. You
    robbed me - so you are a theaf. You have threatten me. You
    will pay for it sooner or later. I have all prof and