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Post: Offers for Amazons

Posted by Elaine on 1/07/12

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    Sorry, but I can't seem to post this to the classifieds.

    I am considering "reasonable" offers on the following 1 pair
    or both pairs of birds w/ or w/o cage and nestbox and w/ or
    w/o 1 hr delivery from 62550 area.

    A proven male-female pair of Orange Wing Amazons. They are
    proven by me to sit and feed their babies. They are very
    good parents.

    A DNA'd male-female bonded pair of Blue Front Amazons. I do
    have their DNA papers. These two are talkers.

    Both pairs are approx. 15-18 years old and in good feather.

    I no longer have the time, or interest for them and they
    need to be rehomed ASAP.

    I was asking $600 cash per pair of birds only. These birds
    normally sell for $600-800 or even more. I am now taking
    offers, but only within reason! Sorry, I will not do trades.
    I don't want anything else I have to feed, water, or clean
    up after. lol!

    No shipping available. I will meet up to 1 hour from central

    Thanks for looking and Have a Great Day!

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