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Re: 3 month old parrotlet lost long wing feathers

Posted by GreyLady on 2/15/12
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    On 2/13/12, tom wrote:
    > i got a 2 month old blue handfed male parrotlet about a
    > month ago AND 2 weeks ago i notice he was loosing his
    > long wing feathers and now he don't have any long ones left
    > I was wondering what could be causing this to happen

    It may be nothing more than his first adult molt. But there
    are many other things that it could also be, including but
    not limited to dry feather/skin, improper diet, cage too
    small causing him to hit his wings on perches, toys, bowls
    etc. If it were my bird, to be on the safe side, I take him
    in for a check up with a good Avian vet.