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Post: Greater Houston Bird Mart. July 21, 2012, Houston TX

Posted by Jorge on 6/29/12

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    To start, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for
    taking a chance on a new bird mart last December. We were
    excited to see you all there, and we are grateful to each
    of you for helping us create a community of Bird
    enthusiasts in Houston, and for helping Houston Avicultural
    Association with its mission.

    After talking with many of you, while excited about the
    proposition of a new bird mart in the Houston area, you
    thought that the December date was probably the wrong time.
    So, we are aiming this time at the summer during a time
    when as far a we can tell, we won’t be stepping on any
    other shows nearby.

    Now are getting ready for our second Bird Mart. This time
    will be on Saturday July 21st, 2012. We will be expecting
    all of you to come and visit our Bird Mart. The address is
    1424 FM 1092 (Murphy) Road, Missouri City, TX at the
    Community Center Building of the New Hope Lutheran Church
    from 9am to 5pm. General admission $5. Children 12 or
    younger are free. Free Parking !! The proceeds from the
    Raffles will be donate once again to the Houston Aviculture
    Association (HAA). There will be birds for sale, bird's
    food, cages, and plenty of toys for your feathered
    companions to be happy during holidays.

    Do not miss this great opportunity to mingle with our
    wonderful bird community. If you want any further
    information please call me at 713-553-5888 or email me at

    Tell everyone about the show and hope to see you there

    Best Jorge

Greater Houston Bird Mart July 21, 2012 HoustonTX

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