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Post: Thank you!

Posted by Squeaker on 10/25/12

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    I just wanted to say thanks very much for all the useful
    information on this site! For a month or so, our Green Cheek
    Conure (Hiccup) has been acting very violent towards me and
    my mom! Today I read that having their wings grown in makes
    them think they're the dominant bird. Normaly, we let
    Hiccup's wings grow out in the winter, because we can't take
    him out of the house at all (In summer, we will sit near him
    in the yard and let him play under our trampoline or play
    structure) I decided to see if the wings being grown in were
    the problem, and it made a huge difference! Hiccup is now
    nestled in my sleeve and back to being a sweet, cuddly bird.
    Thank you very much! I am learning a lot about bird care
    from this site!

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