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Re: Need help finding supplies to build a bird cage

Posted by GreyLady on 12/11/12
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    On 12/10/12, pam wrote:
    > I want to build a cage for my Blue and Gold Macaw. It says
    > the poplar wood is safe and that I need stainless steel
    > wire (I can't find anything except in China - any idea
    > I can get this by the roll? Thanks!

    You will have to make your own decision after doing all the
    research and pricing. But I can pretty well guarantee to
    you, that in the long run, you will save money, time and
    aggravation if you just go ahead and purchase a proper sized
    cage. Any kind of wood will be chewed up in no time. Even
    if they don't have access to much more than what they can
    reach with their beak points, they will chew and destroy
    it. If you don't use all stainless nails, screws, bolts,
    whatever metal pieces you need, you will risk heavy metal
    poisoning. There is very little material in mesh form that
    they cannot bend and eventually break and/or bite through.
    I've known Macaws to pop the welds on the most heavy duty
    cages. I would stay far away from anything manufactured in
    China. Their products are already killing humans and pets.
    You can't depend on it being what they claim it is.