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Re: How do senegals act when they get ready to breed?

Posted by Debbie on 8/09/05
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    They are both acting different and territorial over their cage
    but the male is the only one going in the nest box. Is this
    pretty common with birds that are first time breeders? He is
    older than her by a few years too. He is 6-7 and she is 3 maybe
    4 Y/O now. He has taking some feathers off of the back of her
    neck the last few months. There is the white feathers still
    there and no marks or bites but he gets the green feathers from
    that area if he can.
    Thanks for the info too.

    On 8/08/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > Mine would get extremely territorial over their cage,spend
    > alot more time in the nest box (I'd generally not see the
    > hens) and there would not be a shred of wood left in the cage.