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Re: Food

Posted by Cheryl on 7/19/05
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    On 7/19/05, Kelsey wrote:
    > Hi, I was just wondering what all of you feed your fids?
    > (other than the obvious fresh fruits and veggies, etc.) In
    > particular I'm curious as to what kinds of pellets (if any)
    > or manufactured cooked food (crazy corn, beak appetit, etc).
    > And if, in your opinion, one is better than another.
    > I'm still counting down the days until I can bring my new
    > baby home :o)
    > ~Kels

    I feed my birds both Harrison's and Roudyboush pellets,
    sometimes I throw in some Zupreme fruit ones, but not as a
    regular thing.

    I also cook Beak Appetite in the mornings. They love
    Carribean Crunch and Cheese Teaser. They also get almonds,
    walnuts, fresh veggies, fruits and healthy stuff from our
    meals, like spaghetti, broiled salmon and chicken.

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