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Re: Food

Posted by Kristen on 8/01/05
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    I use Mazuri as my choice of pellet for my birds along with a
    mixture of nuts, dried and fresh fruits and veggies. I use to
    use beak appetite until I recently got a bad batch that had fly
    eggs in microwave was like an incubator, it was gross...

    On 7/19/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > On 7/19/05, Kelsey wrote:
    >> Hi, I was just wondering what all of you feed your fids?
    >> (other than the obvious fresh fruits and veggies, etc.) In
    >> particular I'm curious as to what kinds of pellets (if any)
    >> or manufactured cooked food (crazy corn, beak appetit, etc).
    >> And if, in your opinion, one is better than another.
    >> I'm still counting down the days until I can bring my new
    >> baby home :o)
    >> ~Kels
    > I feed my birds both Harrison's and Roudyboush pellets,
    > sometimes I throw in some Zupreme fruit ones, but not as a
    > regular thing.
    > I also cook Beak Appetite in the mornings. They love
    > Carribean Crunch and Cheese Teaser. They also get almonds,
    > walnuts, fresh veggies, fruits and healthy stuff from our
    > meals, like spaghetti, broiled salmon and chicken.

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