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Re: Food

Posted by Kristen on 8/03/05
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    It wasn't that big of a deal. I just use a different kind now and I
    make sure it's in my freezer for at least a week before I cook it.

    On 8/02/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > I use to
    >> use beak appetite until I recently got a bad batch that had fly
    >> eggs in microwave was like an incubator, it was gross...
    >> -Kristen
    > I got a bad batch too, once in a few years of feeding it. The
    > instances of getting a "bad batch' are too few and far between to
    > stop feeding it altogether.
    > When you go tyour bad batch, you shoudl have returned it to the
    > store where you got it, so they could have exchanged it for you,
    > and also so that they could have told their distributor.

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