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Re: Tree playstand

Posted by kristy on 8/01/05
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    On 7/20/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > On 7/19/05, Kristy wrote:
    >> Hi, I have a small Maple tree that I have cut down, does
    >> anyone know how I should prep it to make it safe for birds
    >> to use as a playstand? It is to big to bake in the oven.
    >> Also should the bark be peeled off? Thanks, Kristy
    > You'll probably have to wash it in bleach solution, make
    > you rinse VERY well, and let it sun dry when it is hot.
    > Don't remove the bark...That will be half the fun for the
    > bird to do!

    Thanks Cheryl,

    I did everything you said and made a wonderful tree stand.
    My lovebird and quaker are having a wonderful time pulling off
    the bark. Thanks, for making my birds safe!!!! Kristy