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Re: Finally!! I'm so Excited!

Posted by Cheryl on 8/02/05
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    On 8/01/05, Kelsey wrote:
    > So I went up to my breeders this weekend to pick out my baby
    > red belly....and well...2 1/2 hours later...almost in tears,
    > I decided on a young senegal hen :) The sadness was for
    > nothing but the fact that I didn't want to have to choose
    > between the RB and the Senegal...both were such angels,
    > beautiful and sweet. but the senegal definetly decided that
    > she wanted to come home with me, as opposed to the RB that
    > seemed to enjoy the attention and affection she was getting,
    > but wasn't so interested in me. It was such a hard decision,
    > but I am confident that I made the right one.
    > We've been spending lots of time together, but she still
    > goes to her cage every little while to get a bite to eat and
    > time to rest, and time to play with all of her new toys. She
    > is such a joy to watch and listen to (she has the cutest
    > little voice), I just had to share :o)

    Senegals are definitely "bolder" than Red Bellies, with the
    Red Bellies being slightly more shy, in general. They can
    also be more nippy when mature, so please start setting
    boundaries now, and don't give the baby too much free time
    just yet. Example, when you want the bird out to
    play/interact, TAKE the bird out of the cage, don't let it
    decide to come out on it's own, same thing with returning to
    the cage. Also, try to spend the same amount of time with the
    bird that you realistically can in the future.
    Congrats on your new addition.