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Re: Senegal biting toes

Posted by Michael L on 8/09/05
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    On 8/09/05, Alison wrote:
    > I am a new Senegal parrot owner. I have noticed the last
    > couple of days, he keeps biting his toenails and picking at
    > his feet. Is this ok?

    It could be OK or normal if this is part of his grooming
    process. If it is starting to become an obsession with him,
    it might indicate that something is irritating him and he is
    trying to rid himself of it. Mites could be a possibility,
    but are rare in indoor-kept birds. Nails are not too long?
    If you would like to start with the less-intense correction,
    try giving him a bath bowl and see if he will bath or if he
    is hand-tamed and accepts showering, try that. You could add
    some aloe vera juice to the water as an additonal soothing
    aid. Might be something that simple that could stop the
    If not, and it escalates to something more intense, you might
    want to seek medical advice in the event that it involves
    somethig health related.

    Michael L