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Post: Silly question

Posted by Kelsey on 8/25/05

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    I have a silly question, and I should know the answer to it,
    but I'm still going to ask hehe...

    I have a young senegal that I got close to a month ago...she
    has always looked like she wasn't fully feathered (just
    missing a couple of feathers here and there) and her
    coloring is different (she has just a tad of orange/yellow
    on her chest, the rest is green, and her head is a grayish
    green, leaning more towards green). I've noticed in the last
    few days that a lot of her feathers are falling out (I've
    watched closely to make sure she isn't plucking them
    out) my question they go through a molt this
    early in life? and then get the rest of their coloring after
    their "baby molt"?

    Like I said, I know it's a silly question and I assume this
    is whats going on but I figured I'd ask your opinions. Thanks!

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