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Re: Silly question

Posted by Michael L on 8/25/05
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    On 8/25/05, Kelsey wrote:
    > I have a silly question, and I should know the answer to it,
    > but I'm still going to ask hehe...
    > I have a young senegal that I got close to a month ago...she
    > has always looked like she wasn't fully feathered (just
    > missing a couple of feathers here and there) and her
    > coloring is different (she has just a tad of orange/yellow
    > on her chest, the rest is green, and her head is a grayish
    > green, leaning more towards green). I've noticed in the last
    > few days that a lot of her feathers are falling out (I've
    > watched closely to make sure she isn't plucking them
    > out) my question they go through a molt this
    > early in life? and then get the rest of their coloring after
    > their "baby molt"?
    > Like I said, I know it's a silly question and I assume this
    > is whats going on but I figured I'd ask your opinions.

    Not a silly question at all.
    If your bird is under a year then I would say that what it is
    experiencing is a moult. Most moulting should not involve
    any patches or bald spots, but to see a fair amount of
    feathers on the floor is OK.
    During this time, it's important to provide ample, higher-
    protein food as that is the primary component in feather
    making. Cooked bean mixes as well as cooked eggs are both
    great sources.
    As far as the coloring goes, some Senegals do not have the
    pronounced, vivid chest coloring. It's there, but in a
    smaller amount. Moulting does little to change the pattern
    that is already there. Granted you will get new feathers,
    but the amount of color remains the same. This is a gentic
    issue and is the result of the parent's genetic make up.

    Michael L