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Re: Silly question

Posted by Kelsey on 8/25/05
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    On 8/25/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 8/25/05, Kelsey wrote:
    >> I have a silly question, and I should know the answer to it,
    >> but I'm still going to ask hehe...
    >> I have a young senegal that I got close to a month ago...she
    >> has always looked like she wasn't fully feathered (just
    >> missing a couple of feathers here and there) and her
    >> coloring is different (she has just a tad of orange/yellow
    >> on her chest, the rest is green, and her head is a grayish
    >> green, leaning more towards green). I've noticed in the last
    >> few days that a lot of her feathers are falling out (I've
    >> watched closely to make sure she isn't plucking them
    >> out) my question they go through a molt this
    >> early in life? and then get the rest of their coloring after
    >> their "baby molt"?
    >> Like I said, I know it's a silly question and I assume this
    >> is whats going on but I figured I'd ask your opinions.
    > Thanks!
    > Not a silly question at all.
    > If your bird is under a year then I would say that what it is
    > experiencing is a moult. Most moulting should not involve
    > any patches or bald spots, but to see a fair amount of
    > feathers on the floor is OK.
    > During this time, it's important to provide ample, higher-
    > protein food as that is the primary component in feather
    > making. Cooked bean mixes as well as cooked eggs are both
    > great sources.
    > As far as the coloring goes, some Senegals do not have the
    > pronounced, vivid chest coloring. It's there, but in a
    > smaller amount. Moulting does little to change the pattern
    > that is already there. Granted you will get new feathers,
    > but the amount of color remains the same. This is a gentic
    > issue and is the result of the parent's genetic make up.
    > Michael L

    Thanks :o) thats what I thought was going on...but she's really
    young (she was just weaned when I got her about a month ago) so
    I wasn't sure. I'll also be sure to add more eggs and beans and
    such to her diet. Thanks again for your help.