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Re: Traveling with a Senegal

Posted by Michael L on 8/25/05
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    On 8/25/05, Kristen wrote:
    > Hi Guys,
    > I'm going to be traveling with a senegal from richmond va
    > to phoenix az pretty soon and I have never flown with a
    > bird before. Any ideas what airline will let me consider
    > him a carry-on?
    > Thanks,
    > Kristen

    The best answer that you will receive will come from the
    airline. All airlines allow pet travel, you just have to see
    what each individual airline's regulations are.
    As far as traveling cargo, I'm not telling you one way or
    another, but I will tell you this, I have received numerous
    pairs of bird from as far away as Hawaii and they have ALL
    arrived safely and without incident.
    If it were not for airline shipping, many people would never
    have the birds that they do.

    Michael L