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Re: Traveling with a Senegal

Posted by Michael L on 8/25/05
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    On 8/25/05, Cheryl wrote:

    > Michael, I hope that your response won't influence anyone to
    > actually allow their birds to travel in cargo...Be glad you
    > never had any bad experiences...More people have lost birds and
    > other beloved pets due to cargo not beign temperature
    > controlled than those who have had satisfactory
    > experiences...The poster says that she will be traveling SOON,
    > to ARIZONA, where it is at least 110, if not hotter...You are
    > saying that since you never had bad experiences with pets
    > traveling in cargo, you (although you say "I'm not telling you
    > one way or the other" you really ARE telling her that it is
    > completely safe, and that is FAR from the truth. Most
    > reputable breeders will not even consider shipping live animals
    > during hot months (or excessively cold ones either).
    > Read her post again, and please consider the time of year and
    > DESTINATION before telling her abotu all the great experiences
    > you have had...It may be taken wrong, and end up killing a bird.

    My experiences have been all positive. I regret that I have no
    horror stories to share. I didn't go into great length, but I
    guess you need more of an explanation than what I gave.
    First of all, NO airline will take any animals, via cargo, when
    temperatures exceed usually 85 F or below 45 F. Then there are
    cargo compartments that are climate controlled and not subject to
    radical fluctuations in temoerature.
    As a breeder, I have and continue to ship birds throughout the
    year. I cannot believe that you would think that I would
    jeopardize a bird and expose it to unsafe conditions.
    What bothers me is when I see words like "never" and "always"
    when it comes to advising people. There are intelligent and safe
    methods to most everything we do in this life. To tell someone
    that they should never do something is not any more realistic
    than saying that it should always be done.
    Everyone needs to make an educated and informed decision based
    upon concrete facts and not conjecture.
    I stand firm in my conviction that safe travel is available for
    both human and animal when it comes to flying.

    Michael L