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Re: Traveling with a Senegal

Posted by Michael L on 8/26/05
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    On 8/25/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > Again, absolutely correct...Safe travel for a pet traveling by
    > plane is either being small enough to travel WITH a person in the
    > cabin, or not going...)
    > Sorry, we are both firm in our opinions, so we'll have to agree to
    > disagree.

    I don't have a problem with that. But I am basing my offerings on
    actual experience and not what I've read or heard.
    In 2004 and including to date, I shipped approximately 25 birds.
    Actually took them to the airport and handed them to the man at the
    cargo desk. ALL of them arrived safely and without incident. Only
    two flights were delayed by several hours due to weather. Still no
    Would appreciate to hear your experiences with sending birds. It
    sounds as if you've had problems.

    Michael L