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Re: Traveling with a Senegal

Posted by Cheryl on 8/26/05
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    > Would appreciate to hear your experiences with sending birds. It
    > sounds as if you've had problems.
    > Michael L

    I have a friend who went to the airport to pick up a bird that had been
    shipped to her during a "normal" weather time of year, and the bird was
    DOA. Can't pretend to know what happened to it, since the person never
    had a necropcy done, but do know that it was healthy adn very much
    alive at the airport.

    I've also known someone who was having a puppy shipped to them and the
    airline lost it somehow, it ended up at another destination. Mind you,
    these were not recent, and security for live animals may be better now,
    but the taste is already in my mouth, damage is done, no going back...

    I would never trust putting any animal on a plane unless I was with
    them, and they were under my seat or on my lap.