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Re: Traveling with a Senegal

Posted by Kristen on 9/02/05
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    Thank you for your responses.
    I have found the answer I was looking for.

    On 8/26/05, Toby's Mom wrote:
    > Call the airlines that you are interested in using and ask
    > about taking your pet as carry on. Some airlines only allow
    > so many pets per flight. Certainly the senegal would be easy
    > to take as carry-on since he is small and doesn't require a
    > large pet carrier. Also, be aware that you may be required
    > to remove your pet from the carrier as you pass through
    > security so the wings will need to be clipped. My friend
    > frequently travels to Florida with her cats and she said the
    > hardest part of the whole ordeal is having to remove the
    > cats from their carriers at security. I don't know but the
    > airline may also require a recent health certificate as well.
    > Good luck!
    > On 8/25/05, Kristen wrote:
    >> Hi Guys,
    >> I'm going to be traveling with a senegal from richmond va
    >> to phoenix az pretty soon and I have never flown with a
    >> bird before. Any ideas what airline will let me consider
    >> him a carry-on?
    >> Thanks,
    >> Kristen