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Re: Flight Suits/Harness

Posted by Cheryl on 8/25/05
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    On 8/25/05, Kelsey wrote:
    > Has anyone here ever used a Flight Suit or Feather Tether on
    > any of your birds?
    > I've been thinking about trying this out so my Lillie can be
    > outside with me and me not worry about her flying off (even
    > though her wings are clipped, I made the mistake once of
    > thinking my bird couldn't fly and I don't want to relive
    > that again). Also, if the flight suits work like they are
    > supposed to and keep the poop off of her AND off of me, and
    > the floor, and the couch, etc...that would be great. I would
    > like to be able to take her with me also to my family's
    > houses, but I don't want her making a mess (poop) in their
    > houses. Anyway, just wondering. Thanks!
    I've used something similar to the Feather Tether on my Red
    Belly...I'll have to look for the company, becasue it was far
    superior to the Feather Tether...The hardware on the Feather
    Tether (to me anyway) is too big and cumbersome for a bird,
    but I know there are many who use them...Best to start on a
    young bird, or else your bird will probably give you hell for
    even trying to put it on, LOL

    The flight suits, I have never tried...if you do try them,
    remember to take it off often to "dump" the poop...Leaving it
    on for too long at a time coudl cause poop build up to touch
    the bird and really irritate it, or cause an infection.