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Re: Flight Suits/Harness

Posted by Kelsey on 8/25/05
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    On 8/25/05, Cheryl wrote:
    > On 8/25/05, Kelsey wrote:
    >> Has anyone here ever used a Flight Suit or Feather Tether on
    >> any of your birds?
    >> I've been thinking about trying this out so my Lillie can be
    >> outside with me and me not worry about her flying off (even
    >> though her wings are clipped, I made the mistake once of
    >> thinking my bird couldn't fly and I don't want to relive
    >> that again). Also, if the flight suits work like they are
    >> supposed to and keep the poop off of her AND off of me, and
    >> the floor, and the couch, etc...that would be great. I would
    >> like to be able to take her with me also to my family's
    >> houses, but I don't want her making a mess (poop) in their
    >> houses. Anyway, just wondering. Thanks!
    > I've used something similar to the Feather Tether on my Red
    > Belly...I'll have to look for the company, becasue it was far
    > superior to the Feather Tether...The hardware on the Feather
    > Tether (to me anyway) is too big and cumbersome for a bird,
    > but I know there are many who use them...Best to start on a
    > young bird, or else your bird will probably give you hell for
    > even trying to put it on, LOL
    > The flight suits, I have never tried...if you do try them,
    > remember to take it off often to "dump" the poop...Leaving it
    > on for too long at a time coudl cause poop build up to touch
    > the bird and really irritate it, or cause an infection.

    If you find the name of the company, please let me know, i am
    very interested in trying to use one of senegal
    spends a majority of the time when I am home out of her cage and
    climbing all over her human jungle gym :) so it would be great
    to not have to poop check all the time lol. I might try both and
    see which one is better. Thanks!