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Re: Senegal Pricing

Posted by Michael L on 9/04/05
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    On 9/04/05, Jon wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I'm currently in Conneticut for the weekend and I've come
    > across this very tame and adorable Senegal Parrot. I'm
    > just wondering if the pricing is too high, because he's
    > $550. Is that what you'd pay for a weaned Senegal that
    > was hand raised?
    > PLease let me know ... I plan to get him today sometime.
    > THanks!
    > -Jon

    The price one chooses to charge or pay is very personal.
    Birds that reside in different parts of the country are
    priced according to what the area commands.
    The price you have mentioned is more of a pet store price
    rather than a breeder price from my part of the country,
    which is PA.
    It certainly doesn't imply that the bird is not worth the
    money. From what you say, it's sounds as if it has a lot
    going for him. $550 is not an outrageous price, though.
    You make the final decision if this bird is worth the price
    to you. Good luck.

    Michael L