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Re: Senegal Pricing

Posted by Debbie on 9/04/05
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    In Calif. they go for about $300 - $350 but if it gets your
    heart its worth the $$$$.
    Good luck.

    On 9/04/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 9/04/05, Jon wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> I'm currently in Conneticut for the weekend and I've come
    >> across this very tame and adorable Senegal Parrot. I'm
    >> just wondering if the pricing is too high, because he's
    >> $550. Is that what you'd pay for a weaned Senegal that
    >> was hand raised?
    >> PLease let me know ... I plan to get him today sometime.
    >> THanks!
    >> -Jon
    > Jon,
    > The price one chooses to charge or pay is very personal.
    > Birds that reside in different parts of the country are
    > priced according to what the area commands.
    > The price you have mentioned is more of a pet store price
    > rather than a breeder price from my part of the country,
    > which is PA.
    > It certainly doesn't imply that the bird is not worth the
    > money. From what you say, it's sounds as if it has a lot
    > going for him. $550 is not an outrageous price, though.
    > You make the final decision if this bird is worth the price
    > to you. Good luck.
    > Michael L