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Re: Parrotmount Cage

Posted by Dee on 10/16/05
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    I have 4 cages from parrotmount, and love them...they clean
    easily, and are nice to look at. For the price, you can't beat
    them. They are in Sarasota, Fl., and I got my first one at a
    bird show in Punta Gorda, but the others were shipped. I
    wouldn't use one for a large macaw or cockatoo, but for smaller
    Toos and zons, etc., they are great.
    Dee, sunny SW Florida

    On 9/19/05, Lisa Allen wrote:
    > On 9/08/05, Cheryl wrote:
    >> On 9/07/05, Kelsey wrote:
    >>> Has anyone here ever heard of or used Parrotmount Cages? I
    >>> found a lady that lives close to me that sells for them for
    >>> a good price...but I can't find any info about them...and my
    >>> senegal is getting to where she needs a new cage. Thanks!
    >> I just did a search and quite a few sites come up for
    >> Parrotmount.
    >> Go to
    >> I have never personally heard of them. My Red Belly is in a
    >> King's cage, #207, but other brands may be very good too.
    >> Good luck,
    >> Cheryl