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Re: Looking for a Jardine's breeder in or near Athens, GA.

Posted by Steve Miller on 10/10/05
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    On 9/25/05, Michael L wrote:
    > On 9/25/05, Steve Miller wrote:
    >> Hi all, I am looking for a Jardine's (Lesser preferred, but
    >> most interested in a good fit for my family) to purchase.
    >> Does anyone have any information about a breeder near my
    >> home in Athens, Georgia? I might also consider shipping,
    >> but really don't know much about the safety of this and am
    >> a bit worried about it. Any info would be extremely
    >> appreciated. Thanks! Steve M.
    > Steve,
    > I breed the Lesser Jardines among other species.
    > They do make wonderful family birds in the fact that of most
    > of the Poicephalus, the Jardines is much more accepting of a
    > variety of people. They are not that readily available and
    > are, in my opinion, a best kept secret.
    > I'm not in your area, but do hope that you locate a breeder
    > close to you.
    > Michael L

    Thanks for responding Michael. We lost our first Lesser
    Jardine's (Widget) to PPD and, now about a year later, are
    ready to try again. As you say, breeder's are hard to find and
    I've had no luck in Georgia. If you hear anything, or if it
    waws possible to ship (though I'm uncertain about this), I'd
    love to hear more. Thanks again! Steve.