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Re: Looking for a Jardine's breeder in or near Athens, GA.

Posted by Michael L on 10/10/05
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    On 10/10/05, Steve Miller wrote:

    > Thanks for responding Michael. We lost our first Lesser
    > Jardine's (Widget) to PPD and, now about a year later, are
    > ready to try again. As you say, breeder's are hard to find and
    > I've had no luck in Georgia. If you hear anything, or if it
    > waws possible to ship (though I'm uncertain about this), I'd
    > love to hear more. Thanks again! Steve.

    I'm sorry to hear about Widget. I can only imagine how hard that
    must have been.
    If you are interested in a Lesser Jardines, E-mail me. I have a
    DNA female, presently.

    Michael L