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Re: Looking for a Jardine's breeder in or near Athens, GA.

Posted by Michael L on 9/25/05
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    On 9/25/05, Steve Miller wrote:
    > Hi all, I am looking for a Jardine's (Lesser preferred, but
    > most interested in a good fit for my family) to purchase.
    > Does anyone have any information about a breeder near my
    > home in Athens, Georgia? I might also consider shipping,
    > but really don't know much about the safety of this and am
    > a bit worried about it. Any info would be extremely
    > appreciated. Thanks! Steve M.

    I breed the Lesser Jardines among other species.
    They do make wonderful family birds in the fact that of most
    of the Poicephalus, the Jardines is much more accepting of a
    variety of people. They are not that readily available and
    are, in my opinion, a best kept secret.
    I'm not in your area, but do hope that you locate a breeder
    close to you.

    Michael L