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Re: Looking For Baby Quaker Parrot

Posted by Robin P. on 10/03/05
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    On 10/01/05, Taylor C. wrote:
    > Hi, I live in DeBary, Florida and was looking for a baby
    > Quaker parrot. I would prefer a 8 to 9 week old Quaker
    > WEANED please. I LOVE Birds and was looking to get a Smart,
    > Cuddly, Cute, and Nice Quaker. Thanks SO much hope to hear
    > from some people. P.S. (I would prefer that the bird not be
    > shipped and that the person live in Florida Shipping puts
    > alot of stress on the birds which can sometimes be
    > Hazardous to their health.)
    > Taylor

    Taylor I live in Deland,and while I don't have any Quaker
    babies at the moment,if you email me (click my name) I can
    give you a guy's number that has a pile of them he's selling
    for $85 each,handfed babies,very cute.